Is Reality TV Really Real or is it Fake?

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I won’t mention any specific shows but I have seen some things on
TV that I have never seen in real life. And I have been doing private investigation and following cheating spouses for over 30 years.

If people are having an affair, generally they do there best to hide it from other people and are very discreet.

Some of this stuff you see on TV people are hugging and kissing in the wide open. They sit together at the front window of the restaurant. They arrrive to and leave the motel at the same time. They hold hands in the parking lot.

None of this stuff actually happens in real life. Anybody who is cheating on their spouse, is doing there best to keep it hidden. So don’t believe everything you see on TV.

On TV the cheaters always get caught, It seems like a cakewalk for the investigator. Everything always falls into place for the investigator and the camera people.

It is never a good idea to confront a cheater. Always get the proper authorities involved.

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