Cell Phone Forensics

Cell Phone Forensics

Even Deleted Text Messages Can Be Recovered From a Cell Phone

cell-phone-small1000Is your significant other using his/her cell phone to communicate with an illicit lover?

Imagine this, – Your husband is using his cell phone to text message his secret girlfriend.

If he has half a brain, he is going to delete those messages quickly, so you won’t find out about his affair.

What he doesn’t know is that Cell Phone Forensics Technology can recover messages, after they have been deleted.

Smart phones get smarter all the time.

Cell Phone Forensics can recover deleted text messages as well as many other types of data.

Cell phones are used as our main communication for:

  1. email
  2. text messages
  3. web surfing
  4. phone calls
  5. Dating Sites
  6. Instant messaging
  7. Photo sharing
  8. Storing contact information

All the people we know and communicate with have traces in our smart phones.

Don’t ignore this valuable information.

A cell phone is similar to a computer, that when you think you have deleted information, the memory actually stores that deleted information for a period of time before it is completely removed from memory.

Private Investigator Danny Barham can conduct a Forensic Examination and recover deleted text messages and other information from a cell phone.

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