Car Dealership Fraud

Car Dealership Fraud

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Are you the owner or manager of a car dealership?

Employees at car dealership have figured out some pretty clever ways to rip off the company, as well as customers.

In the past we have been successful at catching dishonest salespeople, who have found a variety of ways to pocket some extra money while on the job. In 4 separate cases, money was given to a salesperson to hold a car for a few days. In each case the salesperson pocketed the money. The cash never made it to the dealership.

car dealership autoAdditional cases of fraud and theft were found in the service department and with cashiers.

Often service techs will offer to do the job on the side for the customer. They will say things like, “Don’t get the work done here, come to my shop and have it done way cheaper and better.”

Private Investigator, Danny Barham has experience going undercover at car dealerships. He can pose as a customer in a variety of scenarios. A car buyer, someone in need of service and more.

Don’t let your dealership suffer from internal theft.

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