A Case of the Woman Paying Alimony to the Man

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When people think of alimony they generally think of the former husband paying the wife. It does not always work that way. If the wife  was the primary breadwinner, she may be the one paying alimony.

Consider this quote from a case below.

“When the two decided to part ways, it became clear that Williams wouldn’t be able to simply walk away. Why? According to family law, Williams was the primary breadwinner, and her husband was viewed as a dependent spouse who needed help getting back on his feet. With the help of a mediator, the couple reached a financial agreement: In addition to splitting their assets, Williams agreed to give her former spouse $15,000 for a car and pay $14,000 in financial support spread out over 14 months.”

So as you can see a judge can look at alimony cases either way. The husband may be the one who pays or it could be the wife. It is up to the judge to decide, based on the evidence presented.

This is where having a good investigator on your side can be a huge asset.  Being able to prove your point to the judge can make all the difference.


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